[Hijab Ban] Plea in Supreme Court says wearing hijab is essential religious practice, does not offend right of any person

Challenge in a nutshell

– Fundamental rights of petitioner under Articles 14, 19(1)(a), 21, 25 and 29 are being violated;

– Issuance of the government order by the State is beyond the purview of its powers under the Karnataka Education Act, 1963, which has nothing to do with prescription of uniforms;

– Wearing of hijab is an essential religious practice of a Muslim girl/woman;

– A Muslim girl pursuing her education while wearing a hijab/headscarf offends no right of any person and militates against no State interest;

– Petitioner and other students are being denied entry into colleges for over a week now; no interim relief from Karnataka High Court.

– Issue has pan-India ramifications which necessitate the Supreme Court’s interference.

The petition has been filed by a student of Government PU College, Kundapura, in Karnataka’s Udupi district. On why the apex court should take up the issue, it stated,

“The issues raised in this petition are not only limited to the inhabitants of the State of Karnataka but also have pan India ramifications which necessitate the exercise of jurisdiction under Article 32 by this Hon’ble Court so as to authoritatively give a quietus to the matter and preserve the ethos of unity in diversity and tolerant and positive secularism envisaged in our Constitution.” साभार www.barandbench.com read full article on this site pls.

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